SFT #006

A1.Vino Cheenese, as the title suggests, is a leftfield rumbler that, once finished, leaves you unsure how you got there – but sure you enjoyed the journey. Oriental synths flutter over a pounding bassline, taking you from gloriously lo-fi, serene moments to being inundated with beats provided by a Simmons SDS8 and Akai MPC1000 that puncture the surreal atmosphere.

A2.  AG Pini brings in a lower tempo, with punching industrial yet melodic synths coming in and out of sparse rumbling beats it feels like a Kraftwerk track if they had grown up in Detroit.

A3. The Springer is the hardest tune on the E.P – with layers upon layers of crunching beats surrounded by howling, swirling high end synths, looping in and out of each other, putting almost an entire history of dance music in one brutal track.

B1. The Pittman remix removes any pretence of serenity and has more of an eye on the dark end of the dancefloor. The bassline is rendered more ominous and the beats more relentless and distorted, while keeping the leftfield vibes in tact.


  • Artist NAS1
  • Remix Marcellus Pittman