(Money $ex, Bosconi Records) Nas1 is a Bologna-based duo of producers who love to handle with analogue machines and vinyl making rough sounds as their…

Marcellus Pittman - REMIXER

Marcellus Malik Pittman. When other children were playing combat with G.I. Joe action figures in the early 80’s, Detroit native Marcellus “Malik” Pittman was playing…


It’s well known that some towns like Bologna could have influenced the aptitude to dive your mind in a chaotic world full of music: It’s…

Djsotofett - REMIXER

DJ Sotofett is one of the minds behind Norway’s infamous Sex Tags Mania label. For years Sotofett & his crew have been carving a niche…


Behind the name “Calma” are hidden Carlo Battistini and Alessandro Sensini, two young guys bound together by a strong friendship and love for vinyls, Chicago house and Detroit techno. The…

Juju & Jordash - REMIXER

Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski, known professionally as Juju & Jordash, are internationally acclaimed musicians, prolific producers and performing artists who have been active as…

Roberto Clementi - ORIGINAL ARTIST

Roberto Clementi is one of the most inventive and creative electronic music artists currently making his name known in the underground scene at the moment….

Steve O’ Sullivan - REMIXER

“Known for his dubbed out grooves it is no surprise that Steve’s early years were filled with dub, reggae and electro. West London was his musical…


Landed on Earth in 2012, he’s immediately fascinated by the wonders of this planet: Fire, Air, Earth and Water conquer him and convince 0101 to…

Strictly Jaz Unit aka Boo Williams & Glenn Underground - REMIXER

GLENN UNDERGROUND: is the founding member of the Strictly Jaz Unit. He was raised on disco classics and freeform jazz in Chicago’s Southside, the place…

Aaron Und Pascal - ORIGINAL ARTIST

Two young producers from Italy. The passion for clubbing and music prompt the two guys to seek a genre constantly innovative. The project intends to…

Ion Ludwig - REMIXER

Koos Ludwig, born at 21 January 1985 at Sofia Hospital in Zwolle, Netherlands makes him an Aquarius, even more important on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar,…

Graphic artists


Dariotti aka DDR (darioderoma) Giovanile ma non giovane è un volto noto nell’underground bolognese. Outsider, mitizza Henry Darger. Si crede un disegnatore ma si occupa…

Roberto Lacal

Non rilascia informazioni Non rilascia testimonianze Non rilascia parole su di lui.

Lorenzo Ghelardini

Lorenzo Ghelardini (Doc LO.G.) born in Cecina (Livorno, Italy) in 1980. In 1999 he gets High School Artistic Diploma at Liceo Cecioni of Livorno and…

Alessandra Maio

Alessandra Maio è nata il 22 gennaio 1982. Nel 2005 si è diplomata all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna con la votazione 110 e Lode….

Francesca Pasquali

Born in Bologna on July, 31.1980, she degreded from the Fine Art Academy in Bologna. She lives and works between Bologna and Brescia. SELECTED SOLO…


SorryForThis! Records

- electronic music label -

General Concept: SorryForThis! represents the natural evolution and growth of a producer.

The initial idea comes from passion and strenght which supports someone's own music and own style and the ability of launching it out there with confidence. We'd like to create a very well connected group, almost like a family able to face a worldwide competition.

Music is at first enjoyable, fun and relaxing; the origin of the name is certainly ironic as we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. We also hope that this will allow us to break the market in a witty and casual way to then show the commitment, passion and professionalism beyond it.

Music There's not a precise music genre that we'd like to stick to. We'd like to keep the proposal as open as possible, spacing from house to techno without prejudices towards new ideas. Ideally every track should have its own personality and be able to convey live ability and authenticity.

We are very attached to the physically of our product and feel that objects like the vinyl represent our first attraction to music as well as our solid technical roots. We have therefore decided that every release will be produced on vinyl as well as on digital form, supported by the best promotion possible and distributed in all major stores.

Graphic In a close connection with the name there is a graphic concept. The style has to stand out and struck at once, as we believe that a label in order to be complete must also follow an artistic leitmotiv. The logo should be simple and easily recognizable, which should ideally be placed on one side of the disc as a constant (cloud and thunderlight) and on the other side there could be a caracter, an animal or animated version of it (which would stand for the particular release) with which play humour and link to the name. The idea is that creating comic strips/ironic strips (either cinyc or sadistic humour) that recollected the labels' name: SorryForThis! The artwork of the wall album cover will be produced in collaboration with Buskart ass. who's going to promote a different new young artist every release.




Dancing Like Quagmire






Please feel free to use this contact form for general inquiries regarding SorryForThis Records!